Huwebes, Hulyo 23, 2015

What Type of Massage Therapy Should an RMT Give You? Here Are Options.

This is probably the most popular and most requested type of massage anywhere. It uses pressure to soothe the muscles and gives a calming effect. This is best for people who are stressed and exhausted after a long day at work. This massage delivers just the right amount of pressure that will relax you, without adding to your existing pain. You may request the registered massage therapist or RMT to massage you based on your body’s requirement.

Martes, Hulyo 21, 2015

Pregnancy Tips: RMT Massage and Other Tips to Tame Those Puffy Legs

Swelling, though extremely frustrating, is not unusual; for pregnant women. This is because to help sustain the needs of the baby, the body has to produce roughly 50% more blood and fluid. This condition, called edema, occurs on the face, neck, and hands, but it is mostly noticeable on the lower extremities, which absorb more of the extra pressure. According to an article by Today’s Parent, the growing uterus begins to put a significant amount of pressure on the pelvic veins and vena cava (the vein the right side of the body that transports blood from the feet back to the heart), to the point of impairing the proper return of blood to the heart. As a result, more blood tends to be retained below the knees, explaining the excessive leg puffiness. You RMT in Vancouver may help in managing this, though, with a series of massage sessions to re-establish healthy blood circulation.

RMT Massage in Vancouver: Great Way to Give Yourself Borderline Space

With the hustle and bustle of daily work for an established professional, it's quite easy to leave out a chance to relax. As numerous studies have shown, however, relaxation is key to good health. Those who commute to downtown Vancouver every day know it is a great place to work, but winding down from that work is just one part of a happy, healthy and well-rounded life. Spending time out in nature and enjoying our beautiful area is so much easier when a 'borderline space' is made between work and play. Whether you are interested in hiking, running, swimming or just getting out for a breath of fresh air on the weekend, a borderline space is essential. What is a borderline space? Well, it is the time you spend winding down between your workday and your time off. A borderline space is often your best exit from the work week.